some real talk.

Sometimes I have those moments where I feel like everything’s going wrong with my life. I am not able to do anything right, I feel like nobody’s there for me and listens and it’s just the worst feeling ever.

I don’t know if that will ever go away – I hope it does, but of it doesn’t I sure as hell hope I’ll be able to handle it better.

Sometimes I feel like I just have to justify everything I do. Someone’s always making stupid comments about the things I do or say and sometimes they are laughing at me and don’t seem to get how much they are actually hurting me with doing so.

Have you ever felt that way? Like no one seems to really get you. It’s annoying and I am kind of sick of crying about it and feeling stupid.

I mean I’m not doing anything wrong I just do what I think is right and I don’t understand why people have to make stupid comments just because they don’t understand why I am doing certain things the way I do them. It should be okay t make mistakes or forget to answer a text because you have other stuff on your mind.

“You can’t please everyone” is what I always try to remember, but then again I am a people pleaser and want everyone to be happy and satisfied. Does anyone know that feeling and maybe has some tips and tricks how to handle situations like that? I would really welcome them as I don’t know what to do and like I mentioned before I’m sick of getting super upset every time someone makes fun of how I am.

Kind of a depressing post, but I still hope you guys enjoy your Sunday and have a nice summer – xx


My trip to England.

As my time in England is almost up and I’ll go home on Saturday I thought it would be time to write a post about my time at the English Riviera. 


I have to admit I was a little skeptical before I arrived and even the first few days upon my arrival. The weather in England typically isn’t that good, at least that’s what you always get told. Truth be told the weather sucked when I arrived in England. It was cold and rainy, awesome start in what was supposed to be three weeks of my summer.

But the weather turned out to be quite nice on most days even though for me it still was a little cold and I was happy wearing a sweater. At the moment though it is raining and looks like this will continue until I’, leaving on Saturday.

IMG_6533 2

Enough talking about the weather though. I was here to do an internship in connection to my apprenticeship back at home and to get to know the English culture and learn the language. During my internship I worked at a language school in the area, which there are a lot around here by the way. I was working with kids from 9-18 and went on activities with them, to see a little bit of the area and just have fun while exploring England and learning English. This was a lot of fun even though it was kind of hard to connect with the other activity leaders, as they knew each other for a few years already.

All in all I think I had luck with my job as I saw a lot and the hours were amazing! Only had to work from 9:00am – 1:30pm most of the time.

FullSizeRender IMG_6583 IMG_6589

Maybe some of you recognize these places?!

Of course I’ve also been to London during my stay here, but only for a day and I have to admit it wasn’t worth it. If you ever plan to go to London take your time and plan in a few days. I only saw a few places I wanted to go to and I was so tired by the end of the day. This is one of my favorite pictures I took of Big Ben and the London Eye.

I really did enjoy my stay here as the host family was really nice and I had a lot of fun with my friends. One thing I didn’t like though was the food. I guess it mainly was because I thought it rather hard to be vegan in England as I didn’t know where to find vegan things and had a lot of trouble with that. Other than that I would recommend a visit to the English Riviera as this place this really beautiful and definitely worth a visit!