Hey guys,

as I mentioned before I was on vacation in Croatia for two weeks. After England that was exactly what I needed. Sun and the beach.

In general my holidays were pretty good and I had a lot of time to relax. I went there with my dad, my brother and my brother’s girlfriend. For anyone who’s interested we stayed at the Zaton Holiday Resort which is a pretty amazing place to stay at, if you ask me. We’ve been there before, loved it and that’s why we decided to go there again this year.

Unfortunately I got sick while staying in England and I still am, but the first week in Croatia therefore wasn’t that exiting for me. We had 30°C and I was freezing. That’s how bad it was.

But anyway, my dad rented a boat for three days and I have to say those where the best days of the whole trip. We just drove for a while, found some pretty places to stay at and just enjoyed the sun and the sea.


We also went to Zadar for a day trip. A beautiful city, but for some reason I didn’t take that much pictures on the trip so that one’s basically the only one I took in Zadar and it’s not even a picture of the city:


Sorry!!! Guess you’ll have to make a trip there yourself to see how pretty it is 😉

When you read my last post you may noticed that I wasn’t really happy and felt a little down. This post was sadly inspired during my stay in Croatia, as I had a few small fights with my brother and father. So the trip wasn’t ideal, but as long as I was on the beach or in the ocean, had a good book to read and the sun was shining I was fine and had a good time.

I hope all of you had a nice summer as well and I would love to hear where you’ve been or if you haven’t been on a vacation yet, where you’ll be going.

See you – xo.


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