Places I want to visit.

Hey guys,

as I’ve been in a holiday mood lately and really would like to travel around the world, I thought I’d just share some places, countries, cities with you I’d really like to visit. I may have to mention that I haven’t really been to that many places yet, I sure have seen somethings around the world, but there’s definitely room for many more.

  • New York – definitely on the top of my list. I’ve been to NYC before, but only for like three days back in 2009, when I did a three week exchange program. I totally fell in love with the hustle and bustle the city has to over and hope that I’ll be able to experience that again for a little bit longer.
  • Los Angeles – Of course I would also love to go and check out the west
  • coast as well. Who doesn’t want to get a climbs of the Hollywood feeling?
  • Thailand – Lately I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Thailand and some of my friends have been there on vacation. Would love to backpack around the country for a few weeks and just enjoy the scenery.
  • Australia – Some of my favorite YouTubers/Bloggers live there and it just makes me want to take the next flight to Australia and have a good time.
  • Hawaii – any explanations needed?!
  • Canada – a road trip through Canada sounds pretty amazing to me. The landscape there just looks amazing and I’m sure it’s worth a visit.
  • Nashville – as I am a big fan of country music Nashville definitely is a place I just have to visit.

There are way more places I’d like to visit, but the list would be way too long. If you’ve been to any of those places I would love to hear about your experiences and the places you loved the most. Also let me know which places are still on your travel-to-do list.

Until next time – xo.


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