My struggles..

Today’s post is all about my struggles with all things beauty. Fashion, makeup, hair .. and all of that stuff. Like I already mentioned I am very interested in all of the things mentioned above. I like to check out my instagram feed, pinterest or watch youtube videos just to see how amazing people look and what you actually can do, especially with makeup. It’s just amazing and I mean first impressions always are about looks. So as I am not that experienced in all of that stuff and I actually can’t afford most of the “good stuff” I wanted to just tell you how I feel about makeup and fashion and hope you’ll enjoy reading this post and maybe can relate here and there.


Like most girls I am interested in that topic and I am doing my makeup every morning before I go to school or work. Even though some may not even call it that because I basically just put on some powder and mascara, if I feel like it I’ll also put on some concealer, but yea most of the time I’m not. I do love watching other people do their makeup though. And every single time wish I could do it like that as well. I know they probably had a hard time at the beginning as well, but why do they have to look so damn perfect when they’re done?! I sometimes try to recreate their looks but always think it’s just not working for me. I feel like you can see all the makeup I put on and think that I look strange with lipstick on. It’s probably all in my head and I just have to try it out a little bit more and actually go out with having more makeup on, but I guess I’m not confident enough to actually do that. I feel like this isn’t me and in the end go with what I’m used to even though I would like to able to put on some eyeliner and lipstick.


Going from makeup to my hair. I have to say that in general I do love my hair, but there’s always the thing that you want what you don’t have. I have straight here and even if I do curl it the curls are gone within two or three hours.. I haven’t found the right way for them to just stay yet. Another thing I’m always having trouble with is that at the moment I want my hair to be long again. I had pretty long hair last year but then I decided to just cut in off at the beginning of this year and now I want my long hair back, because I feel that there’s more that I can do with it instead of it just boringly framing my face. The struggles..


Fashion wise I also do have some struggles regarding style and especially affording the things I like. I don’t have a special style I just go with what I like which on some days is more on the casual side and on other days chic. I really like this classy look and wearing blouses but yea I kind of go with what I think feels right and what I’m comfortable in. So that’s not really the problem, the problem is finding the things that fit and aren’t too expensive. I am more of a person that thinks about what she buys. I’m not just going into a store, browse and come out with a bag full of new clothes. With me it’s more like I see something I like or have a thought about what I want if I have to save money for it I will and then I’ll just buy that one piece instead of going to a cheap store to buy 5 shirts and give up the thing I actually wanted to buy. Of course I do sometimes go shopping and just buy what I want not caring about the price, because I think you sometimes just have to do that to lift your mood and get something new. So the problem I have with fashion is that I don’t know how to connect the things I like and being able to afford them. I wish I could just buy what I want, but it’s not possible so I have to set priorities and as I am kind of into the more expensive stuff I have to wait till I buy something and wait for it. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will let me know if you’d like me to write a post about one of the topics above more specifically or if you’d like to see pictures of my hair then and now or my makeup or style. Also let me know if you are interested in a special post of any kind and I’ll do my research and see if I can put something together on the topic you’d like to know more about! Also if you do have a beauty blog or instagram please leave the link or name in the comments so I can check it out and follow you! See you next time x.